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Titulo : Training Session "ESG and disclosure requirements"
Data : 29-04-2021
Hora: : 14:00

Training Session "ESG and disclosure requirements"

Date: 14, 27 and 29 April 2021

Schedule: 10h30-12h30, 14h00-16h00, 14h00-15h00

Duration: 5H

Location: Online (Zoom)

Speakers: PWC Luxembourg

Professionals of the Management Companies Member of APFIPP (Mutual Funds, Real Estate Funds, Pension Funds and Discretionary Portfolio Managers) and other Professionals with interest on developing their knowledge about the ESG and disclosure requirements.

The main goal of this Training Session is to provide its participants with a detailed view about the requirements and duties set by Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 November 2019, on sustainability]related disclosures in the financial services sector, in the perspective of the asset management and pension fund sectors.

Module I - ESG and SFDR - 14 April 2021 - 10h30-12h30
• Market trends and investors demand
• Why SFDR?
• Application scope
• Transparency requirements:
- ESG risks versus PAI
- Entity versus products disclosure
• Product classification
• RTS overview
• Timeline issue: level 1 and level 2

Module II - SFDR practical implementation challenges - 27 April 2021 - 14h-16h00
• How to scope products?
• Product classification and interaction with investor preferences, MiFID requirements, intermediaries...
• PAI or not PAI? practical and strategic implications of the choices
• Mandatory templates, what does it mean in practice?
• How shall organise the reporting?
• Where will I get the data?
• How shall I build my implementation project?
• Conclusion and wrap up

Module III - Key consideration when running an ESG and Sustainable Finance Transformation Project - 29 April 2021 - 14h-15h
• Transforming a threat into an opportunity
• Opportunities and responsibilities: How ESG and Sustainable Finance can become a key differentiator for your institution?
• Types of strategies to tackle the ESG and Sustainable Finance challenges
• ESG integration in a typical AWM business
• Product transformation, new product launch and product distribution

Training Methodology:
Taking in consideration the current disruption to usual working habits, namely the constrains in what concerns the realization of face-to-face meetings and training, due to Pandemia Covid-19, this Training Session will be held online, through the use of synchronous learning resources to allow interaction between all participants, in real time, in order to resemble, as much as possible, the face-to-face format.
The training will be carried out through the Digital Zoom Platform. For the frequency of the training session, a link/ID will be provided to each trainee, the after the confirmation of the registration and prior to the beginning of the training session.
Having in mind the context, objectives, structure and form of organization of the training session, as well as the characteristics of the trainees that it is aimed at, the training methodology will be essentially based on the lecture method for the transmission of the main concepts and knowledge, being also used, whenever possible and appropriate, other variety of methods and techniques, to promote an active participation and discussion of the subjects.
The Trainees that attend the Training Session will receive a Certificate of Attendance, if registered a minimum attendance of 100% of the overall duration of the training, assuming a tolerance of 10 minutes.
The Training Session will have a maximum of 20 Trainees.

Registration Fee:
For more information on the registration conditions, please contact the APFIPP Secretariat(Tel. 21 799 48 40 /

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